1. Solutions

  2. Beau-Tan Remixes
    Tuff City Kids

  3. La Touche

  4. Tracks of September
    RR, Hurlee, TRUKANADA, Ruff Stuff, Matteo Luis

  5. Tracks of August
    Jimi Tenor & Freestyle Man, Johnjon, Ray Ray, El_Txef_A

  6. Tracks of July
    Kolja Gerstenberg, Matthias Vogt, Ilija Rudman, Till von Sein

  7. Hallo Montag 2019
    Intr0beatz, Ian Pooley, Studioheist, Tuff City Kids, Dwson

  8. Til It's Gone
    Till Von Sein

  9. Hallo Montag 2019
    Jad & The, M.ono, Tanner Ross, Dean Zepherin

  10. What A Day
    Chopstick & Johnjon

  11. 100literwurst
    Kolja Gerstenberg

  12. Blackout
    Chopstick & Johnjon

  13. Sometimes
    Chopstick & Johnjon

  14. Suol Reviewed 03
    Till Von Sein, Atjazz, Trickski, Daniel Bortz, Sven von Thülen, Chopstick & Johnjon, Larse

  15. Rust
    Chopstick & Johnjon

  16. Meggy Vinyl Lover Package

  17. Out Ya Mind
    Chopstick & Johnjon vs. Lazarusman

  18. FLOWERS EP/12"

  19. One Step
    Chopstick & Johnjon

  20. Mountain Game EP /12"

  21. What Do You Know About House feat. CeCe Rogers
    Chopstick & Johnjon

  22. Hallo Montag 2018 Part 3
    Tuff City Kids, Studioheist, Luvless, Snad, Atbin


  24. Wishing
    Chopstick & Johnjon

  25. 1977 Love
    Till Von Sein

  26. Saver Flex EP/12"
    Kolja Gerstenberg, Schiggeria

  27. Hallo Montag 2018 Part 2
    Jimpster, Till Von Sein, Chopstick & Johnjon, Atjazz, Quarion, Zepherin Saint ft. Divinity

  28. Tres EP/12"

  29. TIMES EP/12"

  30. Hallo Montag 2018 Part 1
    Ian Pooley, M.ono, Iron Curtis, Black Loops, Carlo, Schiggeria

  31. Home Away From House EP/12"

  32. Buttery

  33. Moving 3-5
    Chopstick & Johnjon

  34. Momentum EP/12"
    Chopstick & Johnjon

  35. Suol Summer Daze 2017 Pt. 03
    Tuff City Kids, Kolja Gerstenberg, Jimpster, Meggy, Luvless, Pablo Bolivar, GarcyNoise,Tender Games

  36. Haza EP
    Till Von Sein & Meggy

  37. U n U (Matt Karmil Remix)
    Till Von Sein

  38. Drifter (Johnjon Remix)
    Nils Penner & Hrrsn

  39. Suol Summer Daze 2017 Pt. 02
    Fred Everything & Hollis P Monroe, Larse, TrueSelf & Atjazz, Till Von Sein, Black Loops, Jacob Korn

  40. Suol Summer Daze 2017 Pt. 01
    Atjazz, Chopstick & Johnjon, Matthias Vogt, M.ono, Carlo, Meggy & Tigerskin

  41. Forever EP
    Till Von Sein

  42. Versions 2 EP/12"
    Chopstick & Johnjon

  43. Two Thirteen EP

  44. On Canvas Pt. 2 EP

  45. Blacker Than Ever EP
    Till Von Sein

  46. On Canvas Pt. 1 EP/Vinyl

  47. Closer EP
    Chopstick & Johnjon


Suol Berlin, Germany

Suol is an independent Berlin based record label, which strives to develop, support and promote the visions of the founders and artists. Stylistically seen, Suol aims to release deep, grounded and organic music with great emotions.

We are: Till Von Sein, Chopstick & Johnjon, Larse, Meggy, Tender Games
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